Test and Clean Your System

Maintain Crawl Space Liner

Check the Discharge Line

Suggest Upgrades

Improperly Sized Pump

Old Age

Stuck Float Switch Repair

At Roy's Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling, we can repair any sump pump problem you are experiencing. Nothing is too big or too small for our guys to handle. To be free of a flooded basement, contact us today!

A power outage is one sump pump problem that's out of your hands. The others don't have to be. Control your pump with the knowledge of these troubles and learn how Roy's can help you fix them!

There's a good possibility you will know when the impeller is broken, as it will result in no water being pumped out. This means that the water will continue to accumulate in the pump until your basement floods.

One of the first things you learn when purchasing a new home probably has something to do with sump pumps and why they are important to ensuring your basement stays flood-free.

If so, then chances are you have one installed, which makes you feel like you would be protected no matter what Mother Nature throws at you.

Sadly, that is not always the case. Sump pumps are not indestructible and will eventually break down and need repairs. Hopefully, though, if this happens to you, it's not in the midst of a storm.

Like any other device that does not get installed properly, a sump pump will not function as it should. In most cases that means the motor works harder than it should and burns out quickly.

Though you may not be able to notice manufacturer defects, our technicians can and will. They are trained in these areas and will make suggestions for repair and/or replacement accordingly.

We will check all components for any possible problems - specifically the float switch, intake valve, and impeller. Then, we'll clean each part so we feel confident that they will always function as they should. Lastly, we will clean the sump liner of any sediment.
There are two things you don't want to happen to your discharge line: freezing over and getting clogged. That's why we make this a high priority when we come for the check up.
We will check the liner and any other components you may have installed in your crawl space.
At Roy's we suggest maintenance because we know how important it is to catch sump pump problems early on. If anything seems out of order, and we think that it will fail on you pretty soon, we will make suggestions and help you address these issues quickly!

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 Why You Need Sump Pump Maintenance

Do you want to reduce the chances that your sump pump fails? If so, then the solution is easy: regular maintenance.  At Roy's, we can assure you that your basement will stay dry when you call us to perform the following tasks:

Failed Impeller

When the switch gets stuck in the "on" position, the pump won't shut itself off. This will leave you with not only a faulty switch, but also a burnt out motor.

Incorrect Installation

Sump pumps can wear out over time. There are components that we can repair, but if it's over seven years old it might be better to just replace it!

Manufacturer Defects

A pump that is too small for your needs will work harder and, thus, fail on you  prematurely. If you have had an incorrectly sized pump for some time, replacement might work better for you, but we will diagnose the problem and determine a solution that best fits your needs.

Sump Pump Maintenance & Repair

Keep your sump pump working when you need it most with regular maintenance and repairs by a Roy's Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling expert!

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